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July 29- #752: "Local Monsters" with Aleksandar Petakov

Filmmaker ALEKSANDAR PETAKOV makes his debut on the show to share what he's learned in years of making documentary films about local monsters such as the Lake Champlain creature known as Champ, and Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts. There will be the latest news from the Pennsylvania Triangle also, since Alek joined Paul, Shane Sirois and Charles Creteau there for four days in early May!


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August 19 - #755 "Deadly UFOs " with Timothy Green Beckley

August 26 - #756 "The Case of Tesla" with Tim Swartz

Author and researcher TIM SWARTZ joins Paul & Ben to visit the weird world of genius Nicola Tesla and his strange fate. Subjects will include the mysteries around Teslas's missing files, FBI and government involvement, and strange involvement of President Trump's paternal uncle.


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September 2 - #757 "Live from the Exeter UFO Festival 2018"

It's our 3rd Annual Live Broadcast from the world-renowned Exeter UFO Festival in New Hampshire! Paul and Ben host a panel discussion with all the speakers and live audience participation from the historic Exeter Town Hall.


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September 9 - #758 "Open Lines" with Paul & Ben Eno and Shane Sirois

Paul & Ben once again get together with popular guest co-host Shane Sirois to dive once again into our stack of e-mailed questions from listeners.

September 16 - #759 "Phone Calls from the Dead?" with Bill Hall & Jimmy Petonito

Paul & Ben welcome two masters of paranormal lore to share their latest adventures researching "Phantom Messages: Chilling Phone Calls, Letters, Emails, and Texts from Unknown Realms."


Hall of the Paranormal website

Jimmy's Radio Show


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September 23 - #760 TBA

September 30 - #761 "A Tribute to Stanton Friedman" with Stanton Friedman

The father of modern UFO research, champion of honesty in the field, nuclear physicist, author of countless books and articles, star of the Discovery and History Channels and network television and radio, and one of the first guests to appear on this show, Stanton T. Friedman is retiring. But not before we review his 50-plus-year career in the field and recognize him as he deserves.


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