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#378 September 9 (CBS)




Show co-host, award-winning journalist and 42-year paranormal investigator PAUL F. ENO discussed some of his conclusions about parasites, known to folklore as demons, evil spirits, vampires, etc. Below are some photos Paul believes are typical of parasites as they appear in our conscious reality.

(BELOW) Taken in 1998 in Rhode Island, the entity was seemed to be the lead parasite in a case where a young woman was being targeted. Paul had seen this entity with the naked eye a few days before. He stresses that this may not be what these creatures actually look like. Rather they are being partially seen through electromagnetic "parallel world boundaries" and are probably distorted.


(BELOW) Here is a close-up of the same life form.

(BELOW) At times, parasites also seem to manifest as "dark orbs" (near the window air conditioner). This was taken in 2005 in Connecticut. Paul & Ben interpret the figures in the window as a time slip (there were no curtains). Parasites have also been known to manifest as small show figures or tall, hooded entities.





#364 July 22 (CBS)

Here are two photos submitted by a listener in Alaska who reports "shadow people" and other entities in his home and around the streets of Anchorage. Paul & Ben will deal with his report on the show. Meanwhile, here are the photos. Comments are welcome!

#1 - The photographer identifies the tall entities at the end of the snowy sidewalk as shadow people.

#2 - Here is a closeup. The figures appear to have glowing eyes and to be wearing long, glowing beards or mesh-like masks.



#321 FEBRUARY 20 (1240 AM)

Paul & Ben welcome GERRY WARNER, photographer of what are apparently creatures from parallel worlds, some of whom Paul and Ben have recognized from their own paranormal travels. Are the photos real? Co-hosted by ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY, the show will delve into the how, when and why.

See more on FaceBook at "Borderlands: Photography of Consciousness"

1. One of the "Lion People"


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