BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: our past guests m-n

 Dr. Gregory Matloff

Physicist, Author, NASA consultant

Paul & Ben welcomed physics professor GREGORY MATLOFF to talk about his revolutionary theory of "panpsychism" - the idea that everything (even "inanimate objects") is not only conscious and connected, but self-determining. The conversation ranged from the nature of consciousness and life itself, to the implications for our understanding of God.




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Show # 725 January 14, 2018 "Is EVERYTHING Alive?"

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Lynne Nickerson

Paranormal Researcher, Broadcaster, Lecturer, Sensitive Empath

While very young, LYNNE NICKERSON developed a life-long interest in the paranormal. From reading minds, precognitive thoughts and dreams, to visions and out-of-body experiences, unexplainable events have occurred throughout her life. Lynne is a technical writer, and her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and on the ‘Net. Her recent book: “Gateway to the Paranormal: True personal accounts of the unexplained” is the center of our discussion today.


Show #748 July 1, 2018 "Paranormal Gifts: Blessings or Curses?"

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Show #529 June 29, 2015 "Ghost Hunting State of Mind"


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