BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: our past guests A-B

Dr. Bill Birnes

Author, Broadcaster, Media Personality, UFO Researcher

William (Bill) Birnes is a New York Times best-selling author, a magazine publisher, and a New York literary publishing agent who has written and edited over 25 books and encyclopedias in the fields of human behavior, true crime, current affairs, history, psychology, business, computing, and the paranormal. He is especially well known for his role in the hit cable television series "UFO Hunters" and as an occasional guest and guest co-host on "Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno." As publisher of the nationally distributed UFO Magazine, editor of The UFO Encyclopedia, published by Pocket Books, and co-author, with the nation's top radio talk-show host, George Noory, of "A Worker In The Light," Dr. Birnes has added to his list of publications in the UFO/Paranormal field, which include: "The Day After Roswell," "Unsolved UFO Mysteries," and "The Haunting of the Presidents." He received his Ph.D from New York University in 1974, and he was a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, a Lily Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, and a grants award judge for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Show #459 June 17, 2013 "Open Lines: UFOs" (Guest co-host with Paul Eno)


Show #383 September 24, 2012 "UFO Update"


Show #231 April 10, 2011 "The Paranormal and the Family, Part 2" (Guest co-host with Paul & Ben Eno)


Show #229 April 3, 2011 "Reptilians"


Show #147 June 20, 2010 "Return to Rendlesham 2" (3-hour special)


Show #128 April 11, 2010 "Return to Rendlesham 1" (3-hour special)


Show #98 December 27, 2009 "Behind the UFO Hunters"


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Marla Brooks

Author, Broadcaster, Wiccan

MARLA BROOKS was born and raised in Hollywood, California, and still lives in the Los Angeles area. She has written nearly a dozen books, hosts ‘Stirring the Cauldron’ on the Para X Radio Network, and is a honest-to-goodness witch, as was her great-grandmother.

Her website:

Show #719 December 3, 2017 "Wicca: Wicked or Wonderful?"


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