BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: Past Guests - March-April 2021

BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: Past Guests - January-February 2021

April 25  - #892 - "Alien Abduction: The Control Factor"

with Jim Bouck and Bob Long

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Paul & Ben welcomed Jim Bouck ("UFOs Above the Law") back to the show, along with his co-author on a new book, Bob Long. Imagine getting into your car and driving to a place you know. But for some reason, you end up at an unintended location. You see something unusual. Then you forget all about it. An hour or so passes. And now you don’t remember any of it. There’s a control factor in abduction cases that appears to allow the abduction of any human or object from any location in the world without human permission or knowledge—for purposes unknown. Whoever or whatever is doing this: How do they appear to manipulate space and time? What can science tell us?


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April 11 - #890 - "Poltergeists"

with John Fraser

There are few factual books written about poltergeist phenomena, though our senior co-host has written chapters in his own books on the subject. John's Fraser's "Poltergeist! A New Investigation Into Destructive Haunting " fills that void, advancing and updating Colin Wilson's work "Poltergeist!" written 38 years ago. In a fascinating discussion that ranged from poltergeists as talking animals to vampire cases, Paul & Ben compared their own poltergeist experiences with John's work.


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March 28 - #888 - "What is a Medium?"

with Valerie Lofaso

Paul & Ben have not always been nice to mediums over the years when it comes to their interpretation of what they do and how they do it. But they know Valerie Lofaso, author, lecturer, researcher and empathic medium, as the genuine article. She has even joined the group of friends who work with our father-son co-hosts in 'flap area' cases. Today's show covered  just what mediums do and how they do it -- with maybe a few different perspectives. Also discussed were crossover phenomena, Bigfoot and more.


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March 14 - #886 - "Animal Reactions to UFOs"

with Linda Zimmermann


Author and renowned researcher Linda Zimmermann, based in New York's Hudson Valley, shared her groundbreaking research  on a neglected subject: Animal reactions to UFOs. Paul & Ben wondered how similar they are to animals reactions to paranormal parasites.


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March 7 - #885 - "The Paranormal and the Media"

with Doug Hajicek and Joel Sturgis


Paul & Ben welcomed Doug Hajicek, television documentary pioneer and producer of the "Monster Quest" series, and Joel Sturgis, host of "After Hours AM" and "America's Most Haunted," for a look at paranormal media from the inside. The guests' own paranormal experiences were of great interest.


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