September 13 - #861 - "Incident at Exeter"

with Clinton Rand

Paul & Ben welcomed retired FBI agent Clinton Rand, who as a police sergeant  was working the desk at the Hampton, New Hampshire, Police Department on September 3, 1965, during the dramatic "Incident at Exeter" UFO sighting, one of the most famous in American history. The Incident is commemorated each year during the world-famous Exeter UFO Festival, which features an annual live panel broadcast of this show. The Festival had to be canceled this year because of the pandemic. But this is our way of marking the 55th anniversary of the encounter.


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September 6 - #860 - "Live from the 2019 Exeter UFO Festival"

with Speakers' Panel

(Rebroadcast of Show #808 from Sept. 1, 2019)

The 2020 Exeter UFO festival had to be canceled because of the pandemic, but this show relived the glories of the 2019 event. For the 4th year in a row, Paul & Ben  broadcast the show live with a panel of distinguished speakers, including  Kathleen Marden, Peter Robbins, Mack Maloney and many more. We look forward to the Festival in 2021!


Festival Website


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August 16 - #857 - "Experiencing the Multiverse First-Hand"

with Sev Tok

Researcher and author Sev Tok joined Paul, Ben and special guest co-host Kathleen Marden (MUFON's national director of abduction research) to discuss Sev's remarkable journey, not only experiencing alien life forms but her own parallel lives in various parts of the multiverse.  The nature of ETs, the agenda, consciousness, false flags and spirituality all featured in the discussion.


Sev's Website


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August 9 - #856 - "What is Eternal Life?"

with Paul Eno

In a last-minute change, the elder of our father-son co-hosts took the hour to discuss the question of what "eternal life" might actually mean, what  concepts of it people have had throughout human history, and what shocking conclusions  his 50 years of paranormal adventures have suggested.


NOON HOUR ON WOON RADIO WAS PREEMPTED BY THE BOSTON BRUINS. This show aired at 3 pm Eastern, Noon Pacific, 20:00 UK


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August 2 - #854 - "UFOs and the ET Presence"

with Nadine Lalich

In her first appearance on the show in 11 years, renowned author, researcher and experiencer Nadine Lalich joined Paul & Ben to talk about her own milestone experience, the meaning of the ET presence and the implications for consciousness and spirituality.


Nadine's Website


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July 26 - #854 - "UFO Investigations throughout History"

with Nigel Watson

Renowned British researcher, blogger and author Nigel Watson made his debut on the show to share details on some of history's most bizarre UFO encounters and the attempts made to investigate them.


Nigel on Facebook


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July 12 - #852 - "Turtle Island Watchtower"

with David S. Brody

Why did the First Nations call North America 'Turtle Island'? The continent looks like a turtle only if you see it from space. Best-selling novelist David S. Brody returned to the show to look at this question and some other bizarre facts that form elements of his new book (The Turtle Island Watchtower, June 2020). Included in the discussion were the Montana Megaliths, the Newport Tower and much more.


David's Website



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June 28 - #850 - "Hidden History"

with Jim Willis

Prolific author and researcher Jim Willis joins Paul, Ben and guest co-host Lori Greer today to delve into the most bizarre and little known aspects of human history : "Ancient aliens and the suppressed origins of civilization."


Jim's Website



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June 21 - #849 - "Chasing Legends"

with Aleksandar Petakov and Nash Hoover

'Chasing Legends' is an adventure-based paranormal documentary series that features paranormal researcher Nash Hoover, who travels the globe investigating the world's cryptid legends. Nash joined Paul & Ben today, along with the series' executive producer, Aleksandar Petakov. Show listeners already know Alek as a frequent 'Behind the Paranormal' guest and a sharer in some of Paul & Ben's adventures.


The Chasing Legends Website


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June 14 - #848 - "Physical Mediumship"

with Walter Rucker

FIRST HALF HOUR: In a rare appearance by a medium on the show, Paul & Ben welcomed Walter Rucker, a Florida-based "physical medium" to explain what he does and some of his more dramatic experiences with the "spirit world." Renowned author and researcher Kathleen Marden joined us as guest co-host.


SECOND HALF HOUR: Paul, Ben and Kathleen welcomed the show's northern California reporter to break the story on a spectacular new UFO sighting in the San Anselmo area. The chief eyewitness, a pilot,  joined us also.


Walter on Facebook


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June 7 - #847 - "Open Lines" - Our 12th Anniversary Show

with Paul & Ben Eno and Shane Sirois

As 'Behind the Paranormal' began its 13th year on the air, Paul & Ben once again got together with guest co-host Shane Sirois to tackle questions from listeners on many paranormal subjects.


Paul & Ben's Website

Shane's Website


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May 31 - #846 - "Exo Studies and the Paranormal"

with Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and Special Guest Co-Host Kathleen Marden

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Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD is a pioneer of exo studies (i.e., the application of integrative metatheories to paranormal and UFO realities), and a member (along with Paul Eno) of the Research Committee of the new Consciousness and Contact Research Institute. A close follower of the Enos' work, he joined Paul, Ben and special guest co-host Kathleen Marden to discuss themes that emerge by taking a metaview of the paranormal, such as how the types of intelligent beings involved in paranormal phenomena mutually enact each other across the multiverse.


Sean's Website


See the Talking Points for this show - 'Wild Kosmos' by our guest


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May 24 - #845 - "The Brimstone Deceit"

with Joshua Cutchin and Special Guest Co-Host Lori Greer

Very little study has been made of the strange trait of many paranormal phenomena to include olfactory manifestations: supernatural scents, otherworldly odors and monstrous miasmas, as it were. Joshua Cutchin, however, has made a specialty of this mystery. Show team member and behavioral scientist Lori Greer will join Paul & Ben as a guest co-host


Joshua's website


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