BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2022 Show Talking Points

June 26 - #952 - "The Abduction of Dolly"

with Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran


Dolly's amazing story includes traveling in 'Tlera,' a living UFO. At one point, she reports that Tlera allowed her to take photos and a video from the ground.

Video should play in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Dolly says this is an ET drone accompanying Tlera.

May 8 - #945 - "UFOs You Never Heard Of"

with Michael Schratt

Among the Cases Discussed on the Show:

The California Mystery Airship of 1897

Temple, Oklahoma, 1966.

Papua, New Guinea, 1959

Mobile, Alabama, 1983

From the book "DARK FILES: A Pictorial History of Lost, Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters" by Michael Schratt. Copyright 2022. Used by permission.