BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2021 Show Talking Points

Here you can find graphics and other radio-unfriendly items that enhance the discussion points of certain shows.

July 25 - #905 - "They Saw the UFO Crash"

with Paola Leopizzi Harris and Steve Laplume

The Silumin Bracket reportedly taken from the craft by the children in 1945.

Our guest, Paola Leopizzi Harris, with eyewitness Jose Padilla, a child at the time of the 1945 crash.



A diagram of the bracket as found.

January 31 - #881 - "The Burton Dassett UFO Encounters of 1923"

with Richard Rokeby

Courtesy of our guest, here are photos from his book on the UFO incidents of 1923. Clockwise from left:

-The book cover

-All Saints Church

-A sunset scene in the Burton Dassett Hills

-Windmill Hill as seen from Magpie Hill