BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2020 Show Talking Points

Here you can find graphics and other radio-unfriendly items that enhance the discussion points of certain shows.

March  29 - #837 - "The Mysteries of Dream"

with Lex Nover

The Alien Being

The Black Dog

The Boston Tragedy

The 'Devil's Dummy'

Dion McGregor

On the Ceiling

Paper Masks

The Splintered Man

March  22 - #836 - "The Allagash Incident"

with James Weiner & Charles Foltz


March  1 - #833 - "UFOs and Time Travelers"

with Diane Tessman

Diane Tessman

Quantum Clock

Quantum Computer

Jack Sarfatti

'Tic Tac' UFO

(Artist's conception)

Jacque Vallee

February 23 - #832 - "The Alien Autopsy Film: Another Look"

with Philip Mantle

Mr. Mantle's Book

Scene from the Alien Autopsy film

Scene from the Alien Autopsy film

Ray Santilli

Film Can Label

I-beam allegedly from Roswell UFO crash

February 9 - #830 - "UFOs Over Brazil"

with Thiago Luiz Ticchetti