BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2019 Show Talking Points

Here you can find graphics and other radio-unfriendly items that enhance the discussion points of certain shows.

December 1 - #822 - "Flying Saucers from the Kremlin" with Nick Redfern

and Special Guest Co-Host Steve Laplume




December 1 - #820 - "UFOs: Does the Camera Lie?" with Jason Gleaves

The famous 'Solway Spaceman': Was it faked or a misidentification of the little girl's mother?

Misidentified Apollo 12 rocket's third stage.

Jason Gleaves's father had an MIB encounter as a boy in Liverpool, England.

Civilian Argentine pilot buzzed by two UFO’s twice. There is video to document this encounter.

Wartime encounter over California

Jason's RAF Cosford UFO incident over the airfield March 1993 involving Nick Pope. The huge triangular craft was the size of a battleship and seen over two RAF Bases (RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury) also by on duty police officers and members of the public.




Here are some photos of 'extraterrestrial beings' Jason has analysed for people from all around the world.

Books by Jason Gleaves


Jason's Website

Our show's California reporter, Rick Eno, sent in the photo, from a video taken in June:

"A cigar-shaped object flying over Hayward, California. The object appeared metallic with no wings or tail, it was literally a “cigar” shape. We took pics and video with an iPad, however, when we reviewed the videos the object appeared as a glowing ball."


October 26 - #815 - "A Tribute to Rosemary Ellen Guiley" with Paul & Ben Eno













September 22 - #811 - "Open Lines" with Paul & Ben Eno and Shane Sirois


In response to a question from a listener, here are two photos from Woonsocket/Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA, taken in 1967. The top shot was taken by the late Joseph Ferrierre, a WOON Radio personality for over 50 years and a good friend of Paul & Ben Eno. The bottom photo was taken by the mysterious Harold Trudel.


Rosemary in happier times.

At the 2017 Western Connecticut UFO Conference is Rosemary Ellen Guiley, at right, with MUFON's Marc Dantonio, Paul & Ben Eno, Michael Panicello of Connecticut MUFON.

September 15 - #810 - "The MacIntosh Stone" with Ron Rademacher




















June 16 - #797 "Open Lines" with Paul & Ben Eno and Shane Sirois


May 26 - #794 - "Live from Bigfoot Country" - On location at an undisclosed site in Pennsylvania with Paul, Ben and Colleagues

Two-Hour Special

In addition to the dramatic UFO encounter on the night of May 23/24, there was "The Tone." The link below is the tone as recorded by Paul Eno at 1:19 am, May 25, 2019, in the Pennsylvania Triangle base camp. Tone began loudly indoors and was heard by all in the room. Everyone checked their phones and looked for smoke alarms. Charles Creteau, however, was lying in bed in an adjoining room, awake and with the door ajar, and he didn't hear it. Nor did the homeowners, who were in the room above. The sound went through the closed door into the darkness outside. Paul Eno, Shane Sirois, Aleksandar Petakov, Lori Greer and Andrew Vranes followed it outside. The tone was then in the sky above them, moved from right to left, faded, powered up again, then disappeared. The incident lasted roughly three minutes.


Paul's audio of the tone


Images, audio and video copyright 2019 WOON Radio & Woonsocket Wireless Co.

At about 12:30 am on the morning of May 25, outside Dubois, Pennsylvania, one of our producers appears to have a close companion to her left, whom no-one recalls seeing.

March 24 - #785 - "I Know What I Saw! Modern-Day Monster Encounters" with Linda Godfrey

Here's a link to the new Godfrey production from White Lhasa Studios:

"Return to Wildcat Mountain: Wisconsin's Black Panther Nexus"


"At first blush it seems a waste: a mountain lion’s paradise, empty of lions for almost 100 years. But nestled among the rocky crags and lush valleys of this small area in west central Wisconsin, around 150 eyewitnesses say the big cats also known as pumas or cougars are returning – indeed, have already returned — to their old lairs and watered woodlands. Both tawny-colored and, surprisingly, black-furred big cats now strut these rolling hills. Why surprisingly? Scientists say they don’t exist!"

February 10 - #779 - "Extreme Paranormal" with Paul & Ben Eno

Photo taken by a listener near San Francisco on Dec. 19, 2018, 5:35 pm PT. He tells us that the object breached the atmosphere, zig-zagged, stopped, changed course, and finally exploded, all reminiscent of the Kecksburg Incident of December 9, 1965.


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January 27 - #777 "Time and the Rose Garden: Encountering the Magical

in the Works of J.B. Priestley"

with Anthony Peake